Being 1st provides tremendous advantages, along with subtle disadvantages and some significant hurdles. Regardless, it validates one's courage to challenge and overcome the unknown; so in a sense, even our failures are merely preludes to our success!

Silicon Philosophies (formerly Front Porch Video Inc. 1996 - 2000) was established in Sept. 2000 in Philadelphia (USA). Since its inception, we have been instrumental in pioneering several unique applications while servicing and supporting the Film, Broadcast, Video, Internet and Video Artist communities. Relocated to Germany in 2003, avoiding a crowded C&A market in the USA and to capitalize on global opportunities from a European base.

Though others sometimes falsely claim credit, our reputation and achievements throughout the MPEG community, speak for themselves:
  • Engineered world's 1st and Emmy Award winning DVD Studio Encoding system for Toshiba Research Center, Princeton (Japan 1996). Systems are currently installed and still in use at Time-Warner's California Video Center
  •    Engineered Microsoft's web video "Netshow" application
  •    Authorized Sales, Competency and Technical Support Center for Daikin US Comtec       Labs.
  •    Trained and supported most US East Coast DVD facilities in Scenarist DVD Authoring techniques
  •    World's 1st on-site demonstration of DVD Premastering - DVD Pro (Orlando 1998)
  •    Engineered MPEG2 and Dolby AC3 encoders for FutureTel and WorldGate                     Communications
  • Authored 1st interactive DVD of Panasonic's 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games
  • Beta Testers for hardware and software encoders developed by FutureTel, Optibase, MpegRich and Custom Technology
  • Engineered the Berkley Encoder (DirectShow) for IBM Research and Sarnoff Labs
  • Authored IBM World Book (Interactive Encyclopedia on DVD)
  • 1st international Art Exhibition utilizing DVD technology - I Love New York (Cologne 1998)
  • Engineered PC-99 DVD Conformation Testing application for Intel and National Testing Labs
  • Video installation German Pavilion (Rosemarie Troeckle) - 1999 Venice Biennale
  • Developed Enhanced DVD-Web Interphase for Turner Broadcasting
  • Engineered Automated DVD Authoring & Premastering application for Sarnoff and Great Home Video/ Life Clips
  • Winner Gold Lion Award (John Pilson) - 2001 Venice Biennale
  • Encoded thousands of Hollywood trailers, documentaries and feature films for rental outlets, Kiosks and Home Entertainment
  • Exclusive European Sales & Technical Support for Cinemacraft encoders
  • Acquired exclusive Cinemacraft Intellectual Property rights from Custom Technology
  • Assimilate integrated Cinemacraft H.264 encoder into Scratch 7
  • Partnered with Ittiam to develop Cinemacraft Ultra HEVC encoders
  • Partnered with DVDLogic to develop and deploy KITe UHD Authoring Suite
  • Engineered Cinemacraft - DivO to address Dolby Vision HEVC/H.265 protocols


"Our journey in this physical realm is brief, yet cyclical: 
  - Conception - Birth - Innocence - (Nirvana) - Death - Accountability - (Rebirth)

To determine life's source, purpose and our joint and individual roles, it is imperative that
mankind combine resources, talents and energy with others who share similar viewpoints.

Let's use technology to search, discover, build and rediscover, as we pursue indivdual endeavors;
yet do so diligently, moderately and conscientiously in order to preserve earth's natural resources
and enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants; humans - plants and animals alike.

   All the (precious) things in life which we cherish (and hold dear)
   Start off and end (it's journey) in (a) sand (box)".

Dedicated to the brothers and sisters whose journey(s) ended prematurely.  

- M. A. Clarke (Feb. 2000)
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