KITe Java: Makes the complex - simple

Professional and fast solution for efficient authoring of UHD & Blu-ray titles, containing Interactive Java menus.
Based on proprietary technology, KITe Java enables un-restricted Menu creation, irrespective of Title, Movie Object or Playlist,
without extensive Java knowledge precondition.


Advantages Use of Full-Colored Images (16.8 Million)
Full Control of On-Screen Content
Unlimited Animation Options Scale Video
Superimpose Images
Assign Actions  Remote Control Numeric & Colored Buttons
Left  / Right  / Up / Down  / OK [ Enter ] 
Animation effects Slide / Move Images
Fade / Appear / Disappear
Scale Video
Frame-by-Frame Animation
Unique Features Generate Scene Selection Menus Based on Specific / Random Presets
Desision Making at Random / Specific Play Intervals
Conditional Actions
Button Sounds When Pressed
Disc / Movie Resume
Direct GPR & PSR Register Access
Multiple Movie Playlist Combinations

 Ongoing Development

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