Cinemacraft Ultra 2.2


  HEVC/H.265   HEVC Main 10 Profile, Rec. ITU-T H.265 (10/2014)
  Highlights   Pristine quality (PQ) 2-pass constant (CBR) and variable bitrate (VBR)
  4K UHD @ 3x realtime encoding speeds (ie. 90+ frames per second)
  Multi resolution (MRES) and Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)
  Produces Blu-ray compliant streams confirmed based on Panasonic UHD verifier
  Supports SDR, UHD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) with BT.709/REC.2020 color space
  Accurate segment re-encode capability
  Supports all standard frame-rates (23.976 - 60p)
  Supports resolution from 320x240 (QVGA) up to 4096x2160 (UHD/4K) – image width and height in multiples of 2
  Encode a wide range of file types and formats. Input: YCbCr 4:2:0 (Semi Planar) and 4:2:2 in 8/10/12/16-Bit 
  YUV, MOV, DNxHR, MXF, J2000, ProRes HQ/422/444/XQ, PNG, DPX, TIFF image sequences
  Output: Annex-B byte-stream
  Film Grain preservation
  Compatible with DVDLogic KITe™; Jargon Indigo Ultra™; Scenarist - Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Authoring applications


  I, P, B pictures
  Scene change detection & forced I-frame insertion
  Multiple reference pictures
  Up to 4 temporal hierarchies (dyadic at all layers)
  Automatic optimal CU size determination (64 to 8)
  Automatic optimal TU size determination (32 to 4)
  Intra prediction unit sizes from 32 to 4 (and support for all Intra prediction modes)
  Inter prediction unit sizes from 64x64 to 8x8
  Asymmetric and symmetric motion partitions
  Quarter pixel accurate motion estimation / compensation
  RD-optimized mode selection
  In-loop de-blocking Filter
  Open-GOP (CDR) and closed-GOP (IDR)
  Perceptual quality based QP modulation
  Weighted prediction
  Wavefront parallel processing (WPP)
  Uniform and non-uniform tiles
  Sample adaptive offset (SAO)
  Dependent slices
  Look ahead processing (LAP)
  Configurable number of look-ahead frame buffers
  Ability to insert AU delimiters
  Optimized to configure and utilize all available threads
  SIMD optimizations with support for SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX1.0, AVX2.0
  Interlaced support with field separated input format
  Insertion of VUI and SEI timing information
  Available as a plugin for integration with existing encoding / transcoding workflows

 Hardware requirements:

  Server - G250-G52
  2x Intel Xeon E5-2687w v4 3.1/3.8GHz, 16-Core 
  64GB DDR4, PC2400 ECC, Registered DIMM
  Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA, VCA1283LVV, 3x Xeon® E3‐LV4, PCI‐e 3.0 x16, 6x 8GB DDR3L SODIMM ECC
 Windows 7, 10 / Server 2012 R2 - 2016 (64-Bit)/ Linux CentOS 7.X


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