Cinemacraft™ DivO

Product DefinitionSwiss Army Knife concept 
Define new / Open existing / Save current / Modify existing - Projects 
Specify filenames, encoding parameters, paths, folders 
Software only & hardware optimized Turnkey solutions bench-marked on Dual Intel Xeon™  &  AMD Ryzen™ technology 
Compression Formats Dolby Vision™ 5.3.1 / 5.3.0 
HEVC (H.265)
AVC (H.264)
HDR10+ (Optional upgrade)
mDivO - MRIYa  ** (Optional upgrade)
Asset Ingestion MOV, YUV, DPX, MXF, J2000, DNxHD, ProRes 4444 / 444 / 422 / XQ / HQ - (8, 10, 12, 16-Bit)
Import XML and video assets using Drag & Drop
Side-car and embedded XML 
Integrated software players for source and encoded file playback 
Switch 5.1, MPC-HC 2.0, Scratch Play Pro, Dolby Reference player, PowerDVD 15 / 17 / 22 
Encoding Type - Minimum / Full Base & Enhancement layers (Mapping/ No Mapping) 
Tune - Grain, PSNR, SSIM, Zero Latency 
Specify Average, Maximum & Buffer (Target bitrates) 
Default, customized & user-defined presets  
Validation prompts with visual limitations. 
Execute / Pause / Resume / Cancel - Job or current step
AVC, HEVC (SDR / HDR10), Dolby Vision, HDR10+ (JSON ingest)
Estimated encoded filesize based on given bitrate
XML Driven Extract and validate Metadata from MXF files
Validate and adjust XML Metadata 
Detect Color space, Duration, Frame count, Resolution, Framerate, Display Primaries & Luminance (MaxFALL / MaxCLL)
XML driven Color Space conformation
Range Selection Add / Change / Delete
Shot List, Frame alignment, User-defined ranges
Frame accurate I-Frame insertion based on time-codes by visual adjustment & Textfiles

 Video Encoding Complete sequence / Frame selection / Accurate Execution Status & Progress bar
Single / Multiple queues / Scalable functions 
Controlled execution / Re-encode using modified settings
Global / Chunk-level settings with comment lines
Scene detection and distinguishable chapter time-code insertion 
Segment re-encoding with alternative Bitrate & Tune settings for selected chunks
JSON HDR10+ Metadata insertion
Managed Chunks 999 - Managed chunks, 4 - Simultaneous execution queues
Encode  / Re-encode / Insert / Delete / Replace / Concatenate / Multiple variations
Permanent Log files
Dolby Vision™ ES5 Stream and BDMV verification
Integrated Verification Individual Segments - Dolby Vision™ - Base & Enhancement Layer streams 
Validation and stream analysis functions.  
Integrated 4K players. 
Dolby Vision™ ES ver. 3.8 Verifier - H.265 Streams & BDMV
Permanent Logfile Retention Color-coded Icons, Error Messages & Notifications 
Job Start  / End  / Processing time / Permanent comments
Compatible Authoring Applications KITe UHD Java / HDMV version 3.0 / Ver.
Sony Blu-print™
Jargon Indigo Ultra

Recommended Environment AMD Ryzen™ TR 5995WX Pro, 2.70 GHz, 64 Cores / Ryzen™ TR 3995W 3.60 GHz, 32 Cores
Intel Xeon™ 5220R Gold, 2.20 GHz,  24 Cores / Intel Xeon™ 6242R, 3.10 GHz, 20-Cores
Intel Xeon™ 6148 Gold, 2.40 GHz, 20 Cores / Intel Xeon™ 6154 Gold, 3.00 GHz, 18 Cores

Windows 10 - 22H2;   Windows 10, N version for Workstations (64-Bit)
Windows 11 - 22H2;   Windows 11, N version for Workstations (64-Bit)

 Accelerated, ongoing development

 Qualified Sales and Technical support

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