Cinemacraft™ DivO 1.0.0 (Build 78)

Product DefinitionSwiss Army Knife - concept
Add New / Open existing / Save current / Modify projects
Specify encoding parameters
 Software only & Turnkey solutions based on Intel Xeon™  &  AMD Rzyen™ technology
Compression Formats Dolby Vision™ ver. 5.3.0, ver. 5.3.1
HDR10+ ** Optional
MRIYa    ** Optional
Asset Ingestion MOV, YUV, DPX, MXF, J2000, DNxHD, ProRes 4444 / QX / 444 / HQ - (10, 12, 16-bit)
Import XML and video files using Drag-and-Drop
Sidecar and embedded XML
Integrated software players for source and encoded file playback & validation
- Switch 5.1, MPC-HC 2.0, Scratch Play Pro, Dolby Reference, PowerDVD 
Encoding Type - Minimum and Full Enhancement layers (With and without mapping)
Tune (Grain, PSNR, SSIM. Zero Latency)
Specify Average, Maximum, Buffer - Target bitrates
Available - Default, Customized, User-defined presets
Range validation prompts and execution restrictions
Execute / Pause / Resume / Cancel - Job or specific step
1 and 2-Pass encoding

XML Driven Extract metadata from MXF
Extract metadata from XML
Adjust, validate XML
Range Selection Shot List, frame alignment, user defined ranges
Frame accurate visual adjustment 
Add / Change / Delete 
 Video Encoding Complete sequence / Frame selection
Single / Multiple queues / Scalable processing based on CPU resources
Controlled execution / Re-execution using defined settings
Global / Chunk-level settings with comment lines
Scene detection and distinguishable Chapter timecode insertion
Segment re-encoding with alternative Bitrate &  Tune settings for specific chunks
JSON HDR10+ Metadata insertion
Managed Chunks 999 Managed chunks
Encode  / Insert / Delete / Replace / Concatenate / Multiple version encoded AVC H.264 / HEVC H.265 results
Permanent logfiles
Stream verification
Integrated Verification Individual Segments (Dolby Vision™ - Base & Enhancement layers)
Validation and stream analysis functions
Integrated 4K players
Dolby Vision™ ES ver. 3.8 Verifier
Permanent Logfile Retention Color-coded Error Icons, Messages & Notifications
Job Start  / End  / Processing time / Editable user comments
Compatible Authoring Applications KITe UHD Java / KITe UHD Ver. 
Sony Blu-print™
Jargon Indigo Ultra

Recommended Environment AMD Ryzen™ TR 3995W 3.60 GHz, 32-Cores  / TR 5995WX Pro, 2.7 GHz, 64-Cores

Intel Xeon™ 6148 Gold, 2.40 GHz, 20 Cores  / 6154 Gold, 3.00 GHz, 18 Cores Series
Intel Xeon™ 6248 Gold, 2.50 GHz, 20 Cores  / 6254 Gold, 3.10 GHz, 18 Cores Series
Windows 10 - 22H2;   Windows 10 - N version for Workstations (64-Bit)
Windows 11 - 22H2;   Windows 11 - N version for Workstations (64-Bit)

 Ongoing development

 Sales and technical support by qualified personnel

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