Cinemacraft® DivO 2.1

Multi-codec encoding for replicated disc & streaming
Accurate - Fast - Intuitive
Simultaneous processing queues
Multiple instance execution
Cloud support
Integrated players & Quality Control tools
AMD Ryzen™ , Intel Xeon™ & EPYC™ support
Dolby Vision™ Profile 7 ver. 4.0, 5.2.1, 5.3 & 5.5
Dolby Vision™ Netflix Profile 5,  8.1
HEVC (H.265)
HDR 10+
AVC (H.264)
MP4 (dvh1, dvhe, hvc1, hev1)
        Asset Ingestion IMF, MXF, ProRes 4444 / 444 / 422 / XQ / HQ, MOV, DNxHD, YUV, JPEG 2K, TIFF,  DPX (8 - 16 Bit)
Import XML & video assets (Drag & Drop)
Embedded & Side-car XML 
CPL enabled processing of original & supplemental MXF sequences
Specify file paths (Copy - Paste)
MP4 audio multiplex
                Functions Dolby Vision™ Base & Minimum Enhancement (MEL), Full enhancement (FEL) layers
Tune (Grain, PSNR, SSIM, Zero Latency)
Average, Maximum & Buffer bit rates and calculated size
Default presets, Customized settings, Validation prompts 
Create, Open, Modify, Copy, Delete, Save projects
Execute, Pause, Resume, Cancel
HEVC HDR10, SDR, AVC, HDR10+ (Metadata insertion)
Segment re-encode
Generate, concatenate, verify (multiple encode variations)
Dockable, expandable windows
             XML Driven Extract metadata from MXF
Validate, Adjust Embedded / Sidecar metadata 
Detect - Color space, Duration, Frame count, Resolution, Frame rate, Display Primaries & luminance (Max FALL / Max CLL)
XML color coordinates
IMF Composition Playlists (CPL)
        Range Selection Add / Insert / Change / Delete per Frame & Timecode
Adhere to Shot List / Random
Exact I-Frame insertion, Visual selection, Textfile ingest
Variable bitrate (VBR) / Adaptive bitrate (ABR), variable resolution
        Video Encoding
Sequence / From-To frame selection / Accurate progress bar with execution status
Single / Multiple queues / Scalable functions - Estimated & actual file sizes & total
Controlled execution / Re-encode using customized Base / Enhancement layer settings
Global / Chunk-level settings with comment lines
Scene detection and distinguishable chapter time-code insertion 
Segment re-encoding with specific bitrate & tuning settings
Metadata insertion - JSON HDR10+
Preview windows, Progress bar/ Status, Color-coded prompts
       Managed Chunks Restricted to maximum number of graded shots
Encode, Re-encode, Insert, Delete, Replace, & Concatenate (multiple encode variations)
Permanent Log files
Scalable execution queues
Efficient encoding, Selective re-encoding
       Quality Control Dolby Vision™ - Base & Enhancement layer validation
Automated stream & BDMV verification
Source versus Encoded stream analysis
Dolby Vision™ ES5 version 3.8 - H.265 BDMV & Stream verification
Accurate execution times & file sizes
Integrated playback applications

      Production Logs Color-coded icons, Error messages & Notifications 
Permanent project notes, Comments, Job-Start & End,  Runtime, File sizes, Totals
Permanent log files
          Compatibility KITe UHD Java / HDMV version 3.0.8
KITe BD Java    / HDMV version 3.0.8
Sony Blu-Print™
  Recommended HardwareAMD Ryzen™ TR Pro 7995WX 96 Core / 192T   2.50 - 5.1 GHz Boost / TR 5995WX Pro 64 Core / 128T  2.70 - 3.6 GHz Boost
AMD EPYC™ Genoa 96 Core / 192T  2.4 - 3.7 GHz Boost
2x Intel Xeon™ 5220R Gold, 24 Core / 48T  2.20 GHz  /  2x Intel Xeon™ 6242R, 20 Core / 40T  3.10 GHz
2x Intel Xeon™ 6148 Gold, 20 Core / 40T  2.40 GHz  /  2x Intel Xeon™ 6154 Gold, 18 Core / 36T  3.00 GHz
2x Intel Xeon™ Platinum 8280L, 28 Core / 56T  2.70 GHz - 4.00 GHz, Boost
Amazon Cloud support

Windows 10 - 22H2  64-Bit  /  Windows 10  Pro for Workstation (64-Bit)
Windows 11 - 22H2  64-Bit  /  Windows 11 Pro for Workstation (64-Bit)

 Accelerated development

 Qualified Sales and Technical support

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